About us

We are Dumpling Girl and Cheesecake Boy.  An Australian born Asian girl who loves dumplings, and a Tassie born farm boy who initially fell in love with Dumpling Girl's cheesecake and then later actually fell for the Pasticceria Papa ricotta cheesecake when Dumpling Girl decided to share the secret.

When it comes to eating out Dumpling Girl places all her devotion to the food, whereas Cheesecake Boy will give extra points for the service, he's customer service crazy.

Seriously though, we're just a Sydney couple who love passing the time together by eating out and cooking.  However, after many years of sharing together, we have now decided to share our love of food and an occasional random experience on this blog.

Update as of 27 October 2015

Hello there,

Thanks for coming by our blog still, even though it has been updated for all these years.

After a long hiatus, I have recently started to post what Cheesecake Boy and I eat and cook again, but on Instagram.

If you're interested to see what we are up to lately follow me on Instagram @shecookssheeats.

Happy eating,

Dumpling Girl


chopinandmysaucepan said...

Heh, very funny! I don't mind eating the tastiest food in restaurants which are service-challenged. Just plonk food on table waiter and don't bug me with your service. I'm a different animal though if I'm in Tets or Rockpool :)

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi chopinandmysaucepan, you'd be surprise what places are on our banned list, as Cheesecake Boy won't put up with the service at those places anymore.

Funny you mentioned Tetsuya's, I loved the service there more than I enjoyed the food. The staff at Tetsuya's were so lovely.

Emma said...

Hi, love love this food blog! Mainly because you do a lot around the Ryde area. I was wondering, do you know any other food blogs that have a few reviews around the Ryde area? Thanks!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hi Emma,

Thank you that's so nice of you to say.

There is one other blogger when she is not baking, she seems to eat around the local area.

The blog link is as follows:


Manu said...

Hehehehe I love the way you introduce yourselves! And I love Pasticceria Papa! <3

Dumpling Girl said...

Hello Manu. thanks for dropping by. Pasticceria Papa is very hard to resist :)

Buggles and Squeak said...

Gotta say we might be with Cheesecake Boy on this one... we think GREAT service can elevate an otherwise ordinary meal whereas bad service can destroy a restaurant experience. Bad food, unfortunately, cannot be redeemed!!

Dumpling Girl said...

Hey Buggles and Squeak, I couldn't agree more with bad service wrecking an experience. Unfortunately, it seems that great service is few and far between now a days. Lol, bad food will always be bad food though, no matter what :)